We are different. Each of us harbor hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations.

Within our families, businesses, neighborhoods, faith, and educational communities, we find ourselves entrenched in conflict...unable to convey what we yearn for most deeply...

 love, belonging, trust, respect, safety, connection

At the heart of our engagement lies hope that the past can look different from the future. But how do we get there?

shared story believes that the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what happened matter.



We honor the individuals who come to the table...and the transformative power of dialogue facilitated by a neutral third party.

We offer a safe space with an interest-based approach that helps clients determine what they need most, and teaches them how to remain curious about the possibility of creative collaboration.

We bring a conflict engagement process that trusts in people's ability to problem solve. Resolution is long-standing because the clients are the ones who craft it.



At the end of the day, we know that given the right guide and constructive communication process, people have the ability to transform their differences into meaningful common ground.

They have the opportunity to create a new story...

A shared story.